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In order to check the status of your raffle or special bingo license application, you will need to know and enter the following: Your 6-digit organization ID that we ... Gambling License | State of California - Department of ... The Gambling Control ... and Professions Code section 19800 et seq.) requires an owner of a gambling enterprise to apply for and obtain a state gambling license. ... Michigan Gambling Laws | Michigan Online Gambling, Poker ... The laws pertaining to the state of Michigan's online gambling scene have been ... “Occupational license” means a license issued by the board to a person to ...

The internet-based overhaul of the gambling industry in the state could be helping the residents in jumping in on the trend and striving ahead of other states.

Licensing - Michigan Gaming The state of Michigan has a very extensive process for licensing gaming and non -gaming suppliers that conduct business with the three Detroit casinos.

Since 1997, the Michigan Gaming website has been a comprehensive resource regarding gaming in the state of Michigan. This site is an RMC Ventures, LLC publication, with contributions by the original creators of the site, Attorney David Waddell and Gaming Analyst Robert Russell, and additional contributions by Attorney J.J. Burchman.

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STATE OF MICHIGAN MICHIGAN GAMING CONTROL BOARD OFFICE OF THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR INDIAN GAMING, LEGAL AFFAIRS & GAMING REGULATION DIVISION . APPLICATION FOR 2019 RACE MEET LICENSE Applicants for a race meeting license pursuant to the Horse Racing Law of 1995, as amended, (the Act) MICHIGAN GAMING CONTROL AND REVENUE ACT (dd) “Member” means a board member appointed to the Michigan gaming control board under this act. (ee) “Occupational license” means a license issued by the board to a person to perform an occupation in a casino or casino enterprise which the board has identified as requiring a license to engage in casino gaming in Michigan. APPLICATION FOR STATE GAMBLING LICENSE Application for State Gambling License SECTION 5– RENEWAL INFORMATION Complete this section only if you are renewing your license. If you answer “Yes” to any of the questions below, please provide an explanation on a separate sheet of paper and attach to the application. Michigan Gaming/Gambling License -